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Thanks to its many presentations, opportunities for discussion, networking, and its beautiful setting, PTC’18 will provide attendees with a conference experience unlike any other. For the 40th Anniversary celebration of PTC, we wanted to go above and beyond. One aspect of this year’s conference that attendees will find particularly valuable is its three Highlighter presentations. Read on to find out more.

Scratching the Surface: Platforms, Impact & Innovation

Juliana Rotich with winners of the Inaugural Airbus BizLab Pitch Event in Nairobi, Kenya.

Juliana Rotich is the Co-founder of BRCK, an innovative technology designed to help people in Africa connect to the Internet anywhere, even if there’s no electricity nearby. She sees the potential for technology to connect unconnected communities around the globe and thereby improve their lives through greater access to information. Beyond improving countless lives, she also believes deploying these types of technologies makes good business sense for those that accept the challenge. For more of Juliana’s perspective, be sure to read her interview with Stephen McClelland.

Juliana kicks off PTC’s Highlighter series at PTC’18 with her Monday Keynote: Scratching the Surface: Platforms, Impact & Innovation.


2020, Tokyo, Digital

Ichiya Nakamura may have one of the most diverse résumés in telecom. Now a professor at Graduate School of Media at Keio University, one of Japan’s top academic institutions, he worked in telecom regulatory issues when Japan’s market was liberalized in the 1980s, and before that, was manager of Japanese rock band, Shonen Knife. In his Highlighter presentation, he will address the confluence of the arrival of new technologies, the fast-approaching 2020 Olympics, and Japan’s development goals. How will society be impacted? What will civilization look like? Ichiya Nakamura recently shared some of his thoughts with PTC.

Ichiya Nakamura will address these questions and more in his Tuesday Keynote: 2020, Tokyo, Digital.


The Last 40, the Next 40 – Internet’s Arc

Since 1973, the Internet has grown from a concept to a system covering about 50% of the world’s population and, on most metrics, has expanded by six to seven decimal orders of magnitude. How and why has this been possible? And what will happen next? These are important questions for a technology that continues to reshape the world with massive socio-economic impact. By way of addressing these big questions, Internet pioneer and current VP & Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, Dr. Vinton Cerf, will deliver the final Highlighter presentation of PTC’18. Dr. Cerf recently gave his views on the Internet’s evolution in a special interview for PTC. Read the complete interview here.

Join Dr. Vinton Cerf at PTC’18 for his Wednesday Keynote as PTC’s final Highlighter: The Last 40, the Next 40 – Internet’s Arc.

Be sure to view the Complete Program for our full lineup of Featured Participants, and join us in Honolulu for PTC’18.

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