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The PTC Academy Thailand: Navigating Change was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 20-21 September 2018The course was attended by 17 mid-level executives from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Kiribati; including Colt Technology Services, PCCW Global, CMC Telecom, and CITIC Telecom CPC.

“Thank you for an extremely insightful two days,” said Sandeep Perumal, Colt Technology Services specialist. “It was a great experience sharing ideas and learning from some of the best brains in the industry.  I hope to put all the knowledge to use in the coming months.”

Man Yoong from Colt Japan comments during a session held at the PTC Academy in Bangkok, Thailand.

Marcus Ang, Brunei International Gateway commercial manager, said that the PTC Academy was different from other courses he has attended.

“It’s more interactive and informal,” Ang said. “The market insight is good, and I might come back every year if the content is new.”

“I think everybody learned something new, including the instructors,” said Ivan Chin Sr., CITIC Telecom CPC general manager. “We can’t be a traditional telco anymore.”

The trainers’ content, according to Eu Min Yew of PCCW Global, was “great and honest.”

“I learned many very useful insights,” Yew said.

Eddie Lau, CITIC Telecom CPC sales manager, pointed out that he learned there are competitors other than telcos. “We’ll discuss all of this when we get back to Hong Kong,” Lau said.

For the first time, PTC Academy had specific learning objectives for each session, in addition to its traditional interactive format.

The PTC Academy program aims to train mid-level executives on their way to top management.  This year the program featured sessions on career advancement, key international telecom trends, business models, and firm strategies from a “C-level” perspective.

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