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PTC'23 Diamond Sponsor Mobi

Pacific Telecommunications Council, otherwise recognized as PTC, today announced that Mobi, the wireless carrier for Hawaii, will be the Diamond Sponsor for its Annual Conference, PTC’23 in Honolulu, Hawaii from 15 to 18 January 2023.

“For more than 45 years, PTC has helped shape and connect our industry without regard to borders, catalyzing connectivity throughout the Pacific Rim and beyond, with the PTC Annual Conference each year serving as a seminal event for networking in telecom, literally and figuratively,” said Justen Burdette, chief executive officer of Mobi. “We are honored to be the lead sponsor for PTC’23, which is on track to bring together a record-breaking number of our colleagues from across the industry to Waikiki, and we are excited to share some of the things we have been working on in wireless.”

At its keynote on Tuesday, 17 January at PTC’23, Mobi will discuss the work it has been doing to leverage its decentralized wireless infrastructure to empower communities to democratize connectivity, with a modern, cloud-based core, open APIs, and seamless global roaming. Telecommunications experts, industry analysts, connectivity advocates, and others from throughout the field will also share and brainstorm innovations, challenges, and the work being done throughout the Pacific Rim for greater interconnectivity across the panels, sessions, and other conference events.

“We are delighted to have a Hawaii-based organization with such advancements in the wireless community as the lead sponsor for our Annual Conference,” said Brian Moon, CEO of PTC. “It is companies like Mobi that are consistently forward-thinking and innovative in their services that are paving the way for the future of the digital infrastructure ecosystem.”

Launched in 2005, MobiPCS began as a small Hawaii-based wireless provider. The company rebranded as Mobi in 2018, and has built the infrastructure, services, and partnerships necessary to expand its coverage and connectivity throughout the mainland United States and beyond, rivaling the large wireless carriers with its simple and affordable plans, smart and easy-to-use tools, and dedicated local customer care team. Using the Mobi eSIM app for iPhone and Android, customers can switch to Mobi in seconds, digitally, from anywhere – with friendly Mobi care geeks ready to help via iMessage, SMS, phone, or at any of its Hawaii stores.

PTC’s Annual Conference, the industry’s premier telecommunications and ICT event, serves as a strategic springboard, a significant yearly kick-off event, where companies effectively initiate approximately 50 to 80% of their business transactions for the upcoming year. PTC’23 will be a record-breaking event with more than 5,000 participants, including a global representation of c-suite executives and venture capitalists representing over 60 nations.

Visit the PTC website for more information and to register for PTC’23.

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